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I came across this app accidentally. At this moment I am on the 7 day Trial try and so far I like what I have already accomplished.

These workouts look soooo easy to do. Ummm yes However, I am a beginner and I am waking up muscle I never knew I had. If you do the positions properly you will feel all the burns etc.

The app helps me do what I am not doing at the gym at home with the workout means I do have like the weights to incorporate them into the workouts slowly. It is worth the 4. No difference between a monthly charge you pay at a gym besides it being a little less. I was hesitant but at the same time the doubt comes from me doubting myself about being able to do this. You have to start somewhere so Dorra dimagrante penang contact chose to download the app and do the workouts behind closed doors where I am not feeling as if I am being watched while doing my dorra dimagrante penang contact Kudos to the trainers who created this app.

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Risposta dello sviluppatoreHello! We are very proud to provide a useful alternative to traditional workouts! Any suggestion to help us carry out this important task is very welcome and can be sent to reviews bendingspoons.

Have a lovely day! However I noticed that in few of he challenges I was 25 perdita di peso on, the exercises were repeated. But when I went to do the arms challenge, I got this workout again. So my question is do you have a base of workouts and just random select them for a challenge or am I not dorra dimagrante penang contact of how side leg raises are supposed to help my arms get toned?

Besides that, I think the app is super user friendly and very straightforward.

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Thank you. Risposta dello sviluppatoreHello Ella, thank you for sharing this review with us.

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It make us very happy to hear that you like our app and find it useful. The app has been developed in close collaboration with professional personal trainers in order to ensure the optimal result and avoid injuries.

For this reason, in challenges focusing on specific body parts there might also be exercises that are not directly involving those body parts but that may have a positive influence on them.

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We gladly inform you that we have released a new update in which it is possible to go back to challenges or workouts that you have already completed. So even if you by accident finish one, you can simply go back to it when you have time and start it over.

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We hope our answer could be of help to you. If you any other questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to reviews bendingspoons.

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It is absolutely ridiculous that your ap promotes paying 4. This amounts to 25 dollars in one week, which is absolutely unacceptable.

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When I tried to voice my concerns and request a refund, I received an automatic email and then a failure to respond once I replied to the automatic email. There is also a malfunction with your software that forces me to subscribe more than once which results in you overcharging my account for multiple subscriptions.

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Even after I canceled the extra subscription and received a refund from Apple, the same issue occurred in a matter of a week. I will ensure to leave a review of my awful experience dorra dimagrante penang contact any fitness website and on Apple as possible.

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I will also be receiving a refund from my credit card institution. I hope you all can improve one day. Sincerely, not happy. You all are scam artists. Risposta dello sviluppatoreHi, we are very sorry to hear about your experience with our app and customer service.

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It sounds like it was not very enjoyable, but we are here to do our absolute best to help you now. Given your review, we'd like to investigate further what happened but we might need some more information to take a closer look at your case so we invite you to send us an email to reviews bendingspoons.

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