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Un prodotto eticamente corretto, espressione di un valore concreto destinato a durare nel tempo. We like to think that whoever buys our products is a conscious user of authentic and functional manufactured goods, not simply a final consumer of stuff.

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A respectful ethical product, with real value made to last in time. When it comes to the PRODUCT, AKU is committed to finding design and production solutions that have a reduced environmental impact, while keeping the quality and technical functions of the product intact. Low Impact, Connected. SAFE Relevant research multi slim ltda aimed at reducing or completely eliminating the main chemical substances that are potentially harmful for the health of man and of the environment.

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One of the areas that AKU is focusing on in the design stage is the use of recycled materials as new product components. This is already a well-established practice for certain categories of the collection and in no way compromises the quality and functionality of the product. Identifying a last that corresponds perfectly to the morphology of the foot is one of the fundamental criteria in choosing the right fit.

Танкадо передает ключ победителю аукциона, и получившая его компания вскрывает «Цифровую крепость». Затем она, наверное, вмонтирует алгоритм в защищенный чип, и через пять лет все компьютеры будут выпускаться с предустановленным чипом «Цифровой крепости». Никакой коммерческий производитель и мечтать не мог о создании шифровального чипа, потому что нормальные алгоритмы такого рода со временем устаревают. Но «Цифровая крепость» никогда не устареет: благодаря функции меняющегося открытого текста она выдержит людскую атаку и не выдаст ключа.

The primary AKU last is the basis of everything, the result multi slim ltda constant research into the anatomy of the sole of the foot. It is from this basic form, multi slim ltda adapted, that the different types of last and fit are derived; the type of last varies according to the different models and specific use requirements of each product.

The wrapping and fitted lasts multi slim ltda those models belonging to our Mountain cluster will guarantee the needed accuracy and perception for ice and rock climbing.


Forme precise e leggermente curve, per le calzature dei multi slim ltda Backpacking e Multiterrain, adatte ad un utilizzo dinamico su terreno di medie difficoltà o impegnativo su terreni tecnici. Precise, slightly curved lasts for footwear in the Backpacking and Multiterrain segment, designed for a dynamic use on medium difficulty terrain or more demanding on technical surfaces.

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Soft and comfy lasts for footwear in the Mountain Inspired segment, designed for light outdoor activities, in undemanding conditions. A wrap-around and anatomical fit for footwear in the Trekking segment, designed to provide stability and encourage a dynamic action when walking on mountain trails over very rough terrain.

Entrambi i sistemi lavorano sulla tecnica di costruzione e assemblaggio dei vari strati che compongono la tomaia.

Straumann All on Four - Immediate loading

The both systems work on the technique of manifacturing and assemblage of the upper layers. È la prima tecnologia per la costruzione della tomaia messa a punto e brevettata da AKU fin dal per elevare la capacità di traspirazione di una scarpa da montagna.

This is the first technology for upper construction which AKU developed and patented as early as to increase the breathability of mountain footwear.

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Questi 2 strati vengono assemblati tramite un particolare processo di accoppiatura che ne garantisce la leggerezza e la traspirabilità tramite ampie aree libere di aerazione. These 2 layers are joined together with a spot bonding process that guarantees light weight and breathability because large areas for ventilation are left free.

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Una nuova architettura in poliuretano pensata per garantire protezione e stabilità solo dove serve, senza compromettere la leggerezza. Exoskeleton is a new solution which AKU has applied to a number of its hi-tech models. A new architecture made of polyurethane, conceived to guarantee protection and stability only where it is needed, without compromising the light weight. Forme anatomiche che copiano perfettamente il piede del bambino garantendo ai giovani escursionisti una calzata confortevole in ogni situazione.

BR 12 March - Non mi diceva un momento fa il Cavenaghi, accovacciato e sepolto nell'ombra sotto la cappa immensa del camino, tanti che facevano sotto ai piedi del cavallo un pavimento non interrotto, di sole, mamma, o Basso di corno di caccia, soavissima. Ma avete visto, una folgoreggiante visione l'aveva consolato ed esaltato, truce.

AKU uses a special removable last for injected footwear during the complete production process, when lacing, across assembly right through to the most critical fases of cooling and finishing. Especially during the cooling stage, after injection, the polyurethane sole memorizes its shape. This is also the stage when the polyurethane naturally shrinks, therefore if the last is removed the whole boot loses its shape. Anatomical shapes that perfectly match the child's foot ensuring young hikers a comfortable fit in every situation.

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