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It takes approximately fifteen minutes to walk to the station.


We arrived at the party just as Lee was leaving. We went to the Louvre art gallery to see the Mona Lisa. You have to be very artistic to be a successful painter. At the moment, the hospital is caring for seventeen patients. I like to leave the city at the weekend if possible. She avoided a traffic fine by driving the speed limit. The food we ate in that restaurant was awful!

That actor always plays the bad guy in movies. She takes her lunch to work in a paper bag. The music department is in the basement of the department store. You have to be tall to be good at basketball. I read the newspaper in the bath every morning. The BBC has a really good list of podcasts that you can download.

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He sat between the two women on the sofa. I learned to ride a bicycle when I was six years old.

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She's wearing a cotton skirt and brown boots. The programme was so boring she fell asleep.

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My boss was angry because I was two hours late for work. Can you bring me another bottle of water, please? There was a long queue for tickets at the train station. The three businessmen were travelling to a meeting in Eco slim gut oder schlecht. It was nice meeting you! I want to go on a camel when we go to the desert. I took a lot of photos with my camera on holiday.

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The college canteen serves very good meals. Carrots are one of my favourite vegetables.

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I buy the children's clothes from a catalogue. I usually have to run to catch the bus every morning.

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Gran bought me a CD player for my birthday. They keep their bikes and suitcases in the cellar. There is space eco slim gut oder schlecht a sofa and two chairs in the living room. Getting students interested is a challenge for most teachers.

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She went online to find a cheap train ticket to London. Mum always checks the doors are locked before leaving the house. We bought some cigars at dr jay garcia perdita di peso tampa newsagent's in Havana. She applied to become an American citizen. He listens to classical music when he studies for important exams.

It's a clever film because it makes you think. Mr Dolan is an important client of this law firm. The climate in the Maldives is hot and sunny. I have a coffee machine, but I prefer instant coffee.

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I commute to work and back every day on the underground train. The underground train was filled with commuters.

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I bought him a computer game for his birthday. We went to see a live band at the local concert hall. That second-hand car is still in good condition. Connect this wire to the back of the machine. There is a strong connection between happiness and health. What would be a convenient time for me to come and see you?

I often cook meals for friends at the weekend.

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Misty loves cotton clothes because they are cool and comfortable. I counted all the apples in the bag and there were twelve.

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We take long walks in the countryside every Sunday.