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AVISO: esta experiencia puede ser excitante. Mix and match colours to complement eco slim effetto secondaire logo! Barrel EU-made components are manufactured, assembled and decorated in eco slim effetto secondaire EU facilities. Reliable plunger action mechanism. Clip Designed to withstand up to 6,8 kg of force without breaking.

A long-lasting ballpoint for long-lasting brand impact! Long-life ink Oil-based ink. High quality, quick drying and smooth writing. Multiple printing possibilities on the barrel and on the clip, and thousands of colour combinations. Our bestseller! Durable Tungsten Carbide Ball The only substance harder is diamond!

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The perfectly spherical tungsten carbide ball contributes to consistent writing. Did you Know? Wide-profile promotional pen with a large variety of finishes and printing options. Cap Very good resistance, good friction without wedging.

Reliable retracting mechanism: cartridges that do not block. Ring Make it even more functional by adding a lanyard! See pages At the click of a colour-coded button, you select the colour you want: blue, black, red or green. Promote your brand on a product from a company where safety is a fundamental priority. Light and Long-lasting Designed and manufactured with just the right amount of raw materials for maximum use.

Contains writing ink for four cartridges, making it last longer. Simple, reliable, inventive.

More than 40 years setting the trend in writing instruments, and it keeps growing year after year. Your name will be associated with a high-quality, trusted product. Cartridge Fibrous Ink System: The ink is stored in a filler and is released through the tip with efficient, consistent performance.

Glide across the page easily without smudging thanks to the quick-drying ink, ideal for left-handed and right-handed people. Ring Actuator Did you Know? The BIC Group designs reliable, high-quality products that contain only the essential components. Our goal is to reduce the amount of raw materials used during production.

Wood is collected from softwood and sustainably managed forests. Spark wheel When the spark wheel, made of serrated hardened steel wire, is rotated with sufficient speed and force, it creates a spark. Fork Fork spring Flint spring Feeds flint onto the spark wheel as the flint wears down. The flint spring applies pressure on the flint to generate a spark. Valve The subassembly regulates fuel flow and releases a constant level of fuel, for eco slim effetto secondaire constant flame of a predetermined height.

Body and base The body is made of plastic, that is ultrasonically welded to the base. The body, base and seal ball constitute the gas reservoir.

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Ball Seals the gas reservoir after it is filled. Hood Steel. Windshield and heat protection.

Flint Supplies material for the spark. The flint spring applies pressure to the flint to generate a spark. The Jet and Fork Spring components control the opening and closing of the gas valve. The gripping section combines the warmth of resin and the durability of metal.

Grip patentado que combina la calidez de la resina eco slim effetto secondaire la durabilidad del metal. Nuevos colores disponibles. La elección para una experiencia dual inteligente. Le grip breveté combine la chaleur de la résine et la durabilité du métal.

Le choix parfait pour une double expérience. Dierichtige WahlfüreineintelligenteErfahrungmit dualemNutzen. La sezione dell'impugnatura brevettata unisce il calore della resina alla resistenza del metallo. La scelta intelligente per una duplice esperienza. The choice for a smart dual experience.

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La responsabilidad y el compromiso para minimizar el impacto en el medio ambiente, son una parte importante del programa de desarrollo sostenible del grupo BIC. BIC Graphic Europe demuestra eco slim effetto secondaire compromiso con una línea de productos incluyendo instrumentos de escritura y productos de papel fabricados con material reciclado o recursos eco slim effetto secondaire.

Ampia area di stampa. Responsabilità e impegno nel ridurre al minimo l'impatto ambientale costituiscono una parte importante del programma di sviluppo sostenibile del Gruppo BIC. BIC Graphic Europe dimostra tale impegno con una linea di prodotti che include strumenti di scrittura e prodotti cartacei realizzati con materiali riciclati o risorse rinnovabili.

Laresponsabilitéetl'engagementdu GroupeBICàdiminuerl'impactenvironnementaldesesproduitsconstituentune partimportantedesonprogrammededéveloppementdurable. BICGraphicEurope traduitcetengagementàtraversuneligne deproduitsquicomprenddesinstruments d'écritureetdesarticlesenpapierfabriqués avecdesmatériauxrecyclablesoudes ressourcesrenouvelables.

BIC Graphic Europe beweist dieses Verantwortungsbewusstsein mit einer Produktreihe, zu der Schreibgeräte und Papierwaren gehören, die aus recycelten Materialien oder erneuerbaren Ressourcen hergestellt sind. BIC Graphic Europe demonstrates this commitment with a line of products including writing instruments and paper products manufactured with recycled materials or renewable resources.

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Large imprint area. Ideal for reproducing photos.

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Original and eye-catching. Metallic Ink Upgrade your message with metallic imprint inks at no charge. Available in blue, green and pink colours.

Metallic Finish Create metallic effects, images and backgrounds. Make your brand look unique! Holographic Finish Convert your logo into a three-dimensional.

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Makes your message breathtaking Digital High-definition 4-colour process. Full colour with photographic excellence, producing a durable imprint that ensures lasting impressions of your logo. Renewable Resource Product made with eco-friendly material manufactured using natural, renewable softwood materials cellulosic polymers. AZ Antimicrobial The Antimicrobial additive is a chemical composition that reduces the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mould and mildew on the pen.

ISO This standard certifies the quality of all eco slim effetto secondaire lighters. Cabin Friendly This icon identifies products that meet carry-on luggage limits of most major airlines. Laptop Products with this icon are designed to hold and protect a laptop. Tablet Products with this icon eco slim effetto secondaire designed to hold and protect a tablet or e-reader.

Sticky NoteTM Number of sheets. Notebooks Number of sheets.

Packaging Information Dimensions published of each product correspond to its maximum size, regardless of the drawing position. Excellent value for money. Excellent rapport qualitéprix. Excelente relación calidad precio. Ausgezeichnetes PreisLeistungs-Verhältnis. Its classic design is easy to identify and symbolizes long-term reliability. Son design classique est facile à identifier et symbolise une fiabilité à long terme. Sein klassisches Design ist einfach zu erkennen und spiegelt lang anhaltende Zuverlässigkeit wieder.

Il suo design classico la rende facilmente riconoscibile ed è prova di una longeva affidabilità.

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MOQ: u. Thousands of colour combinations and large imprint area at very competitive prices. The communication you want at the price you need! Des milliers de combinaisons de couleurs et une grande zone d'impression à un prix très compétitif.

La communication que vous voulez au prix qui vous convient! Die Kommunikation, die Sie sich wünschen, zum Preis, den Sie brauchen!

Migliaia di combinazioni di colore e ampia area di stampa a prezzi davvero competitivi. La comunicazione che vuoi al prezzo che ti conviene! Now up to 4 colour imprint available on the barrel. De nombreuses possibilités d'impression sur le corps et le clip, et des milliers de combinaisons de couleurs.

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Nous pouvons désormais imprimer jusqu'à 4 couleurs sur le corps. Ahora es posible imprimir hasta 4 colores en el cuerpo. Nun ist es möglich, bis zu 4 Farben auf den Schaft zu drucken.

Tante possibilità di stampa sul fusto e sulla clip e migliaia di combinazioni di colore. Ora anche con stampa in quadricromia sul fusto. Exclusive and versatile.

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Weighted barrel with metallic colour finish. Exclusif et polyvalent. Corps lesté, finition métallique et détails chromés.

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Exklusiv und vielseitig. Schaft mit Gewicht im Innern, Metallicfinish und verchromten Verzierungen. Esclusiva ma versatile. Soft touch gripping section. Now up to 4 colours imprint available on the barrel. Grip au toucher doux. Sección con grip de tacto suave.

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Impugnatura morbida al tatto. Ora disponibile anche stampa in quadricromia sul fusto. Reinventing the digital to maximize your personalisation options. Nous réinventons le numérique pour vous offrir plus de possibilités de personnalisation.

Wir haben die Digitaltechnik neu erfunden, um mehr Personalisierungsoptionen anzubieten. Reinventiamo la stampa digitale per ottimizzare le tue possibilità di personalizzazione.

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Ajouter le logo antimicrobien AZ à votre illustration, sans coût additionnel. Pour cela, il vous suffit de spécifier "Imprimer le logo AZ antimicrobiens" sur votre commande.

Añade el logo antimicrobiano AZ a su arte final sin coste adicional. Aggiungi il logo antimicrobico Centro commerciale di deposito di perdita di peso alla grafica senza costi supplementari.

Assicurati di specificare sul tuo ordine "Stampa del logo antimicrobico AZ". Smooth and unbreakable twist mechanism. Mécanisme de rotation souple et incassable. Suave e irrompible mecanismo pivotante. Leichtgängiger, unzerbrechlicher Drehmechanismus. Meccanismo a rotazione scorrevole e indistruttibile. The largest imprint area eco slim effetto secondaire the clip!