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Più informazioni Informazioni Dr. Lets us nurture your reef! Informazioni aggiuntive Welcome to our Facebook Page. We are glad you are here. We want you to know us better, so let me introduce our company and myself.


The name "Dr. We have 2 kids, they are also involved when not in school and help Dr. We are a family business and we have no investors.

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We see all aquarium tanks as our own pets, where we all have the responsibility to nourish and protect. Today, we have a full line of premium products, which include live foods, fine refrigerated fish and coral foods, premium frozen fish and coral foods, aquarium maintenance products and amazing water filters.

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At Dr. We believe that the future of this hobby is aquaculture. We know you have many choices out there, so we thank you for using our premium and nourishing foods. Yes, we are a different company as we focus on Quality, Not Quantity.

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Hobbyists that use Dr. Fish crave Dr. We prepare small batches at a time, our foods are always fresh and many packed to order. Maintaining good ultrasuoni dimagranti is crucial, as opportunistic diseases will occur in weak and debilitated fish.

All it takes is one infected fish to wreak havoc in your aquarium where you can loose hundreds of hours of hard work, thousands of dollars and last but not least your precious pet fish.

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We created unique formulas to treat Parasitic, Bacterial and diseases caused by worms on fish and corals. We also provide you with amazing customer support, when you call our dr g s weight loss pembroke pines you will always speak to a live person, not a machine. We keep our overhead low, so we can pass on our savings to you — now you can afford Dr. G's Premium quality nourishing foods for less than what you may be paying now, that is our way to give back to you and thank you for your business.

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It is as close as bringing the ocean indoors. Proudly made, grown and packed in the great USA. State of Florida Aquaculture Certification AQ From our family to yours we thank you very much for buying our products. We really appreciate it.

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Now let us nurture your reef!